Magna Gopal

“Life is all about conversations and relationships. Those we have with others and with ourselves.  By improving your understanding of these two elements, I can help you succeed at giving your best and getting the most out of your personal and your professional life.” ~Magna Gopal

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I bring a positive and upbeat energy to your event and present musicality in movement with grace and precision. My teaching methods incorporate an attention to detail, relevance of material, and an universal application that will help you on the dance floor and in your life. I strive to leave those present with the favorable and unforgettable impression that has made my career.

Public Speaking

Through my insights into the dynamics of partner dance, I have devised unique and novel ways to communicate. Experience with international audiences has enabled me to effectively convey meaningful messages in captivating and compelling ways across different cultures. My public speaking engagements, seminars, and mentoring, promise to leave you motivated, inspired, and moved to purposeful action.

Learning and Development

My individual and group coaching sessions are focused, goal oriented, and transformative. I translate complex issues and movements into simple terms by identifying and helping you overcome underlying obstacles. My dedication to your growth will make your personal and professional development fun and immediately applicable.