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Hi, I’m Magna! I’m an Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Dance Professional. I have spent the past 20 years building one of the most reputable personal brands in the global Salsa dance industry.  Dance, and mastering the art of improvisation and non-verbal communication, has provided me with unique insights into the collective influence that mindset, movement and communication have on our ability to feel Mpowered in our thoughts, bodies, relationships, and pursuits.

How does salsa dancing connect to the mpowered approach?

ON THE SURFACE, salsa dancing often just looks like two people having fun while somehow moving gracefully and in harmony with each other. But to create a fluid, seamless, responsive, and dynamic connection between two strangers in an improvised dance is much more involved than it may appear.

EACH DANCER HAS TO BE self-aware, confident in their abilities, focused on their partner while also processing multiple stimuli, get creative in how they express themselves, accommodate their partners interpretation, and always stay calm and adaptable when presented with the unexpected.

THESE INSIGHTS ARE the inspiration for Mpowered w/ Magna–coaching and content that helps increase your awareness and confidence, conquer obstacles, renew your motivation to achieve your goals, develop your authentic voice, communicate with conviction, and develop respectful and mutually beneficial relationships.

My Values & Beliefs

Mindset Is Everything

Our minds are immensely capable. Though we cannot always control what happens in life, we always have the power to choose our actions and reactions. By understanding our thoughts and feelings and improving our mindset, we can overcome our fears and limitations, accomplish our goals, conquer challenges, and live fuller, more meaningful lives.

Our Bodies Are Our Messengers

In order to meet the challenges of this world, live a healthy life, and be able to express ourselves fully, we need to make sure our bodies are always tuned and ready. Movement, through dance, fitness and body language exercises, allows us to build the awareness, strength, and resilience required to put our best foot forward.

Communication Is Key

Life is all about conversations and relationships. Those we have with others and with ourselves. By understanding and improving the intent, content, clarity, and delivery of our message, we can feel more confident in our expression and develop a powerful and authentic voice.  This enables us to become better leaders, speakers, educators, partners, and friends, ultimately enhancing and optimizing our personal and professional lives.

Together We Thrive

The quality of our relationships has a direct impact on our levels of happiness, love, peace and success. By understanding the importance and impact of empathy, respect, intention and projections on our relationships, we can take responsibility and play an active role in creating the connections we desire and deserve. Creating and maintaining healthy supportive relationships provides us with a solid foundation to maximize our fulfilment and our potential.

My Story

I was born in India and grew up in Toronto, Canada. While studying Economics & International Relations at the University of Toronto, I was introduced to, and discovered my passion for, salsa dancing.

In 2005, I had the choice of continuing my studies or taking the risky leap and pursuing a career in dance. Obviously, I chose the latter.  Though the path has been difficult, it has been one of the best decisions in my life. 

Not only has my career in Salsa facilitated travel to over 80 countries and provided me with the opportunity to teach thousands of students across the globe, it has provided me with invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship, communication, relationships, authenticity, creativity, and mindset that I am now able to provide to my clients and my community, within and beyond dance.

Approaching life with a sense of curiosity, fearlessness and resilience is what has allowed me to fully enjoy my experiences and relationships while inspiring others to do the same.

Professional Accomplishments & Fun Facts


Traveled, performed & conducted 5000+ workshop hours at 500+ events across 80 countries


Toastmasters - Club President, Washington Park TM & Area Director, G74


Toastmasters District 83 Conference Presenter, Trainer & Keynote


Dancer & Choreographer for Mano, short film & winner of Best Cinematography at the Sol Dance Film Festival


Performed xylophone intro for Grammy Nominated New Swing Sextet, Salsa Band, NY


Shared the stage with Jimmy Bosch, El Gran Combo, Mambo Legends, The Bronx Horns, Tito Nieves, and other famous Latin Bands.

working with magna

Professional, Creative, Friendly

Patricio P. - CEO, Jobomas

I’ve attended many events where Magna was presented as a main instructor and speaker. She showed a great connection with her public and was always a pleasure to hear what she had to say. Her teachings are always fully clear as she has a deep understanding of the subjects she speaks about.

David B. - Director, Latin Beginnings Dance

I find it especially intriguing how Magna has implemented her philanthropist passion into a practicable application to dance, social communication, and a way of life! She has the grand fortune of being an incredibly aesthetic person both inward and outward, which has inspired me, among countless others, to evolve as a person and blossom to the full extent of our potential, while upholding the human value.

Cedric M. - Portfolio Manager, Roche

In Magna’s group coaching session with people from all around the world, of different languages, cultures, it felt like we all belonged and there were no borders between us. She made the difficult task of working with such a diverse group of people look easy. I have applied the same strategy through my career with the teams I work with. A simple and powerful model.

Press Kit

Biography, CV & Media

Short Bio

Magna Gopal is an internationally recognized empowerment coach, TEDx speaker, and pioneer in the global dance community, and has impacted audiences worldwide through her innovative approach to dance education, building cross-cultural relationships, and breaking boundaries to foster human connections.

With a career spanning over two decades, 80 countries, and 5000+ workshop hours, she is known for her expertise in facilitating understanding and establishing connections among diverse demographics. As host of three empowering podcasts and co-author of “Four Minutes: Why Do We Dance?”, Magna has established herself as an influential thought leader devoted to nurturing self-expression.

Her global recognition as one of the Top 5 Female Salsa Dancers underscores her mastery of mindset, movement, and communication distinguishing her as a sought-after speaker and coach capable of inspiring genuine confidence in others. Through an inclusive style and extensive global experience, Magna continues to empower and uplift diverse communities worldwide.

Long Bio

Magna Gopal is an accomplished speaker, coach, and creator with a diverse skill set and extensive experience across various domains.

Holding an Honors BA from the University of Toronto, Magna has showcased her expertise as a TEDx Speaker and holds pivotal roles within Toastmasters as the Club President of Washington Park TM and Area Director of G74. Her impactful presentations and training sessions have been featured prominently at Toastmasters District 83 conferences and workshops. Committed to empowering high school girls, Magna serves as a mentor and speaker at Wonder Girls, NY.

She is widely recognized for hosting the Mpowered with Magna audio podcast, Live Chat with Magna video podcast, and Naked & Counting, the longest-running Latin dance community podcast.

As a pioneer in the global salsa dance industry, Magna has made an indelible mark through her innovative approach to dance education, performance, and choreography. With a combined social media following exceeding 60,000 across multiple platforms, Magna actively engages her audience in self-development, mindset coaching, and dance. Additionally, she is the mastermind behind QFit with Magna, a holistic at-home functional fitness training program. Magna’s creative pursuits extend to the film industry, where she contributed as a dancer and choreographer in the award-winning short film, “Mano,” and as a featured dancer in “Shine,” a global feature film.

Her global impact resonates through her tenure, spanning two decades, encompassing over 5000 workshop hours at 500+ events across 80 countries, showcasing her unparalleled cross-cultural communication skills and leadership prowess. Furthermore, Magna served as an Advisory Board Member for the Modern Moves Project at King’s College, Leeds University, London, UK, and co-authored “Four Minutes: Why Do We Dance?,” establishing herself as an influential figure in dance and empowerment circles.

Recognized as one of the Top 5 Female Salsa Dancers in the World by Salsa Con Son, Magna Gopal is a dynamic speaker, coach, and influencer committed to empowering individuals and fostering authentic expression.

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