When you take a trip to a new place, do you ever collect souvenirs?

I collect magnets! No, not because they rhyme with my name.  Though, on that note, I am gonna go ahead and call my collection Magna’s Magnets!

Magnets Are The Perfect Souvenir

I travel quite frequently and always with just a carry-on, so magnets are the perfect souvenir!

  • Easy to find
  • Relatively cheap
  • Not too fragile
  • And most importantly, they don’t make a dent in my luggage

Over the past few years I’ve collected a LOT of magnets but they’ve often found themselves in a box on a shelf and not on display. I used to place them on my fridge but ran out of space and unfortunately, with the constant opening/closing of the fridge door, some of them broke. ?  So when I moved into my new apartment, I was determined to find a way to display them. Not just because I think they should be visible but also because I wanted to occasionally look at them and be reminded of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met.

How And Where Should I Put Them?

I initially thought of placing them on my living room wall arranging them in a way that would resemble a map of the world but quickly realized that scaling that properly, and often, might require more effort than I’m willing to put in. (Read: I’m creative but sometimes lazy. lol) So, I scrapped that idea.

Note: Be careful when working with sheet metal. The edges are rough and it’s easy to cut yourself or sever a toe if you drop it on open feet. Wear construction gloves and boots or be ultra careful.

Then one day, while browsing Pinterest, I found my solution: a long magnetic board.

My kitchen was the perfect place for it.  It’s a long narrow space of whites and grays with a massive sunset facing window. I was initially thinking of putting artwork on that long wall but couldn’t decide what single piece would fill the space. This magnet wall idea was my salvation.

The best part is how cheap and easy it is to put together. All you need is some sheet metal, sheet metal screws, and your magnets.

I opted for a long 10ft x 1ft strip instead of a few individually spaced out square boards so that I could keep the long line of the kitchen. The fit between the wall and the fridge was perfect!

The sheet metal brings a cool clean touch that matches the simplicity of my kitchen and the magnets, in all their variations, add the perfect colorful contrast. I didn’t think I’d have enough magnets to fill the wall but alas, it seems I don’t have enough wall for my magnets. Go figure.

Magna’s Magnet Wall

“Magna’s Magnet Wall” is always a great conversation piece and a great back drop to my gatherings. Though there are a handful given to me as gifts, most of them are from my own travels. Each magnet comes with its own story full of fond memories, experiences, adventures, and beautiful friendships.

Ideas For Your Collections

If you collect magnets and are tired of them falling off your fridge, this is a fantastic way to display them.  The design is really up to you since you can cut those pieces of sheet metal to any shape you desire.  If you don’t collect magnets or also collect other small trinkets and souvenirs from your travels, like spoons, shot glasses, thimbles, or anything like that, you can still use this method. All you need to buy are a pack of really strong magnets and crazy glue.

You could also split up your display and use a square for magnets, another for shot glasses, another for spices, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Have questions about the materials I used? Voila!

  • Sheet Metal – Home Depot
  • Self Tapping Sheet Metal Screws – Home Depot
  • Round Magnets – Amazon
  • Crazy Glue – Any dollar store
  • Souvenir Magnets – All over the world

Did you like this idea? Have you tried something like it before or plan to do so in the future? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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  1. Raazia

    Amazing idea. I am also fond of collecting only magnets during my travels . I was thinking something similar. And good to know that there is someone who has already done it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. jkcook

    Question—have you had any problem with it pulling out of the wall as you change/move magnets?

    • Magna Gopal

      Great question. No issues so far. I also tend to put one figure to hold the sheet metal down while taking them off bc some of those magnets are industrial strength. The longer pieces of sheet metal (2’x1′) occasionally pull off the wall near the center but nothing dramatic.

  3. RmL

    Wow, These blog is very nice and informative. Thank you for sharing this information it helps me a lot.


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