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online salsa spins program

This 14-week program is designed to remove the challenge & frustration that comes with learning & mastering multiple spins.

  • Structured 14-week program with pre-recorded paced learning
  • Magna's signature technique broken down into progressive, easy-to-understand tutorials
  • Bi-Weekly Private Coaching for personalized feedback
  • 14 weeks of direct chat access to Magna via Discord
  • Deep dive into your fundamentals
  • Increase your precision, speed & control
  • Learn the proper technique for single, double, triple spins & more
  • Increase your comfort & confidence with your spins and your dancing in general!

14 weeks for less than the cost of 3 private lessons!

Let's get started!  (*Limited availability*)

DANCE membership & Courses

Technique, Awareness & Creativity

Master Your Multiples

A proven step-by-step Salsa Spins Program to improve your technique, overcome your struggles, and increase your comfort with multiple spins.


Learn8 – Flare & Hook Turn

Practice your speed & precision with this Salsa footwork combo.


Dance Database Membership

Unlimited access to fun, challenging & informative salsa dance tutorials, live class replays & tips.


Masterclass: Footwork & Creativity

Learn how to get creative while mastering precision, speed, and control in your footwork.


Masterclass: Pivots, Turns & Spins

Techniques to be more grounded, centered, and fluid in your turns, and spins.


Masterclass: Fundamentals

Learn and master the techniques to become a more grounded and confident dancer.


Spin Technique 1 – Solo Axis Spin Fundamentals

Everything you need to know about how to execute clean and precise single solo Salsa spins, On1 & On2. For men & women.


Beginner Salsa 1 – Solo Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Salsa dancing so you can step on to the dance floor with confidence.

fitness Courses & collections

Strength, Flexibility & Wellness

QFIT Collection At-Home Fitness Program

Over 60 days of balanced at-home exercise routines and functional movement training to strengthen, tone and stretch the entire body. For dancers & fitness enthusiasts.


Sun Salutations – Daily Wellness Practice

A quick & effective sequence to energize, stretch & strengthen your body.


QFIT 7-Day At-Home Workouts

A complete 7-day workout routine incorporating stretching, strength building, and endurance training with Yoga, Circuit, and Tabata/HIIT workouts.

Professional Development

Confidence, Empowerment & Expression

Contract Basics for Traveling Artists

What to consider in your negotiations & contract to ensure a smooth event experience & get paid!


Presentation Techniques

Simple techniques to connect and engage with your audience in speeches and presentations.

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