Congratulations on completing Spin Technique 3 & the Master Your Multiples Spins Program! You should be feeling like a Spin Queen or Spin King by now, or at least a prince or princess.

We have covered a lot of material and it will take time before it become second nature. What we covered in this program over these 8 weeks might not be your pace of learning. And THAT IS OKAY! Don’t compare yourself to others. Just compare yourself today to who you were yesterday. 

Go back and review as often as necessary and remember without a solid foundation, you’re building your Spins Skyscraper on quick sand. At some point, no matter what your effort, you stop seeing progress because your foundation is weak.

Make sure you understand the fundamentals inside out and remember, success at dance and life is all about adaptation. Learn those rules. Master those rules. And then adapt them as needed for the situation. 

Want more help?

If you want additional personalized feedback to better understand the concepts and improve your technique, email me at [email protected] and we can set up an online or in-person private session. I’m here to help!

Thank you for all of your hard work and for trusting me to be your guide! See you soon!

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