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online salsa spins


This 14-week program is designed to remove the challenge & frustration that comes with learning & mastering multiple spins.

  • Structured 14-week program with pre-recorded paced learning
  • Magna's signature technique broken down into progressive, easy-to-understand tutorials
  • Bi-Weekly Private Coaching for personalized feedback
  • 14 weeks of direct chat access to Magna via Discord
  • Deep dive into your fundamentals
  • Increase your precision, speed & control
  • Learn the proper technique for single, double, triple spins & more
  • Increase your comfort & confidence with your spins and your dancing in general!

14 weeks for less than the cost of 3 private lessons!

Let's get started!  (*Limited availability*)

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Quality, Convenience & Accessibility


Membership access to Magna’s holistic approach to self-awareness, self-expression, strength & creativity, through dance & functional fitness training. Learn at your own pace and convenience.
What's Included
Dance tutorials & courses as well as workouts and exercises to make sure you’re in peak condition to get the most out of your efforts.

Your combo Membership gives you access to everything in the Dance Database as well as:

  • QFIT 60 – 60 consecutive days of functional strength training, interval training & yoga workouts designed to challenge you while improving your fitness levels, endurance and mobility
  • QFIT Meditations & Readings – Supplemental Yoga workout variations including reading meditations for added calm, reflection & tranquility
  • QFIT Bonuses – Short tutrials, tips & demos of workouts, variations and exercises used for injury prevention and recovery as well as creative movement exploration


Membership access to a growing database  of salsa dance tutorials, drills, exercises & full class replays. Membership also includes access to Beg Salsa 1. Learn at your own pace and convenience.
What's Included
Dance tutorials, courses & full class replays covering a broad range of cateogries (fundamentals, turns, footwork, body movement, mindset, drills, stretches, tips & live class replays).

The Dance Database membership also includes Beginner Salsa 1 – a thorough introduction to salsa basics, timing and steps.


YouTube Members only access to Live Q&A sessions and tutorials that address your questions and struggles, deepen your understanding and accelerate your learning. 

DANCE & Fitness - COURSES & programs

Technique, Awareness, Creativity & Self-Expression


Learn the basics of Salsa dancing including the basic steps, timing, turns and shines so that you can step on the dance floor with confidence.


Everything you need to know about how to execute clean and precise single solo spins in salsa. For Men & Women. Instruction On1 & On2.


A quick and effective sequence to energize, stretch & strengthen your body. Beginner, intermediate & advanced variations included.


60-Days of balanced exercise routines & functional movement training to strengthen, tone & stretch the entire body. For dancers & fitness enthusiasts.

Free Resources

Learn, Interact & Grow


Improve your speed and precision with this fun & challenging salsa footwork combo.


A complete 7-day workout routine incorporating stretching, strength building, and endurance training


Easy techniques to better connect and engage with your audience in your speeches and presentations.

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