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Mpowered with Magna Online

Hi and welcome!

For nearly 20 years, I have been traveling to events around the globe, passing on my knowledge to my lovely students through public workshops and private training.  As fun as these events are, I understand that they are extremely expensive.  For students wanting to learn with me, the cost can be prohibitive.

Most classes at events also tend to be packed with people making it hard to see the instructor and get the details. Often, they feel rushed and you leave feeling like you didn’t fully understand the material.  Given that you can’t stop and rewind, the option is to either hope you’ll remember the material later, or invest in private training, which is yet another expense, if the instructor is even available.

Good news! I have been working on an alternative for you. I’m happy to announce the launch of Mpowered with Magna Online, our online learning platform.  I can finally offer you the same quality instruction you know to expect and you can have access to me without taking time off work and spending crazy amounts of money on flights, hotels, congress passes, and other travel related expenses.

Best of all, you can choose how you want to learn:

  • Learn on your own by following the course materials.
  • Follow the course materials and have weekly live group Q&A sessions for the duration of the course.
  • Follow the course and have weekly live one-on-one coaching with me directly.

Remember, if there’s something you would like to learn, contact me and let me know. Maybe that’ll be the next course! 😉