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 Weekly Audio Podcast

Join us every week to discover empowering strategies and actionable advice aimed at elevating your creativity, confidence, communication, and relationships. Gain valuable insights and lessons drawn from my diverse background as a coach, dance instructor, entrepreneur, and speaker. This podcast is your guide to overcoming life’s hurdles and reaching your aspirations. Get ready to Think, Feel, and Be MPowered!

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Monthly Video Livestream

Join me live every month for an immersive exploration into important subjects on enhancing communication, relationships, self-expression, creativity, and navigating the world confidently. Get your questions answered too by submitting them in advance or during the live stream.  Drawing from interactions with students, clients, and everyday experiences, I’ll share invaluable lessons that have enriched my journey and will enrich yours too! Livestreams and replays are available on YouTube.

Naked & Counting

Bi-Weekly Audio Podcast

Join us for an engaging podcast dedicated to the vibrant Latin dance community. Hosted by myself and the talented Leon Rose, we collectively offer over 40 years of rich experience in the dance realm. Dive into discussions on pertinent issues within the dance scene, catering to both dancers and industry professionals. Delve into our journey, gain insights from our perspectives, and enjoy occasional appearances by entertaining experts in the field. Our podcast takes a lighthearted approach to tackling challenging topics, making for an enjoyable and insightful listening experience.

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