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I bring a positive and upbeat energy to our sessions and your event.  My teaching methods incorporate attention to detail, relevance of material, and universal application of lessons I have learned through dance and life.  I strive to leave those present with the favorable and unforgettable impression that has made my career.


I have a knack for finding and strengthening weaknesses by targeting not only the technical side of dance and movement but also tackling psychological and emotional obstacles to growth. This is the core of the pedagogy that I have become renowned for worldwide.

I present the details of body movement, spins, leading, following, and musicality as comfortably as I present my philosophy on human connection, intention, and developing meaningful relationships. My attention to detail and to the individual growth of my students enable me to attend to a room of 400+ people as personally and as comfortably as I attend to a one-on-one session.

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Public Speaking

With over 13 years of experience speaking in front of small and large audiences, I have a proven ability to captivate and entertain while delivering important messages on human connection, meaningful interaction, and conversational leadership. Through public speaking engagements, I inspire reflection and engagement that leads to lasting change and growth.

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Learning and Development

My analytical nature and sensitivity to interpersonal communication allows me to better identify and analyze the thought processes that determine how we see ourselves and our interactions with the world. I am here to help you and/or your team advance the skills necessary for your growth, be it in dance, work, or your personal life.

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