My analytical nature and sensitivity to interpersonal communication allows me to better identify and analyze the thought processes that determine how we see ourselves and our interactions with the world. I am here to help you and/or your team advance the skills necessary for your growth, be it in dance, work, or your personal life.

Private Dance Lessons

Individual and Packages of Private and Semi-Private lessons are available for dance related training. These sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs. I provide detailed instruction and focused attention on developing physical self-awareness and related skills as a dancer. Below, you will find a list of common dance related topics that we can work on together. Contact me if what you are looking for is not listed.

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Coaching & Seminars

I provide individual and group coaching both in-person and online. Regular progressive sessions allow me to accurately recognize and address your needs and monitor your progress. I can help you build a strong foundation to reach your goals and I am available to support you through any questions or obstacles you may encounter.
A few of the topics on which I provide coaching and seminars, include:

  • Instructor Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Development
  • Relationship Management in the classroom and in business
  • Changing Your Perspective & Regaining Control of Your Life
  • Effective Communication Techniques for Overcoming Learning Barriers
  • Artist-Event Negotiations
  • Time & Resource Management for Freelance Artists
  • Musicality Breakdown
  • Choreography Refinement


By examining what is happening, discovering the obstacles and challenges, Magna always gives you the feeling of being heard and understood. At the same time she manages to sensitively push you out of your comfort zone when it’s needed. Magna has the incredible ability to nail a problem down and support you in finding the right course of action while enabling you and encouraging you to conquer your fears.

As your coach, Magna sees it as her task to help you discover what your own personal “best” might be. Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. Coaching with Magna helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life. Her advice is always delivered in a calm and logical manner that truly connected and inspired me.

Sabrina Ortner Sales Manager Schreiber Foods