My background in Economics & International Relations combined with international travels and teaching have given me an immense cultural perspective. This has served as my foundation for communication which effectively transcends cultural backgrounds and traditions. I am able to translate nonverbal interactions that happen in dance into applicable lessons and skills that transfer to other aspects of life, communication, and relationships.

As a member of the King’s College Modern Moves Advisory Board in London, UK, I have given talks on the parallels between the ways different cultures communicate on and off the dance floor. I have also helped implement post event analysis to enhance the effectiveness and relevancy of future events, lectures, and seminars.

With over 13 years of experience speaking in front of small and large audiences, I have a proven ability to captivate and entertain while delivering important messages on human connection, meaningful interaction, and conversational leadership. Through public speaking engagements, I inspire reflection and engagement that leads to lasting change and growth.


Public Speaking Engagements

My current portfolio of public speaking engagements and platforms include:

  • 300+ International Dance Festivals & Congresses
  • Toastmasters
  • Modern Moves, King’s College, London, UK
  • MPowered video series
  • TEDx Jersey City

Topics include:

  • Conversational Leadership
  • Intention to Connect: Dance and Life Applications
  • The Lead & Follow Conversation
  • Meaningful Community Engagement
  • How to Make Your Mark (On and off the dance floor)
  • Building Your Brand/Identity
  • Effective Nonverbal Communication & Influence
  • Empowering Relationships On and Off the Dance Floor
  • Empowering Conversations
  • Analytical Thinking for Self Correction and Improvement
  • Body Awareness & Confidence
  • Risk & Reward: Pursuing a Nontraditional Career
  • Rejection & Perseverance
  • The Power of No
  • Handling Negative Energy

Talks & Interviews


Magna is a valued Advisory Board member for ‘Modern Moves,’ a research project I direct, funded by a European Research Council Advanced Grant, and located at the Department of English, King’s College London. In examining the history and current global popularity of African-heritage social dances, Magna has effortlessly crossed from practice to the world of academia.

She inaugurated our ‘Moving Conversation’ series of public events, and returned as a speaker and performer for our annual research showcase where she eloquently summed up the event by responding to all the academic speakers. She has a proven ability to synthesise and analyse material with very little preparation (many of the papers she heard for the first time that day), and communicate her ideas clearly and attractively to a diverse audience.

She is one of the few dancers I know who commits herself to transferring the skills that she has honed as a dancer, and her learning experiences on the dance floor, into life lessons for everyone. Her gift of communication helps her bring these lessons to everyone with clarity, grace, and vivacity.

Ananya Kabir Director Modern Moves