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Results-based courses

Self-paced on-demand courses designed to produce results. Keep an eye out for supplemental live coaching cohorts and have your questions answered as you advance through your course.

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Membership access to a growing database  of salsa dance tutorials, drills, full class replays,  and functional fitness workouts. Learn at your own pace and convenience. 


YouTube Members only access to Live Q&A sessions and tutorials that address your questions and struggles, deepen your understanding and accelerate your learning. 

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Mpowered T-Shirts & Merch

Grab your Mpowered Swag! T-shirts, hoodies, tights, and mugs. Tons of color combinations to match your mood and personality! 

QFit T-Shirts & Merch

Grab your QFit Merch! T-shirts, hoodies, tights, and mugs. Tons of color combinations to match your mood and personality! 

Four Minutes: Why Do We Dance?

This book was a collaboration with two friends,  Jared AE & Tessa Kerrich-Walker. It’s a collection of stories highlighting the many reasons we dance and showcasing the beautiful and powerful ways that Salsa can chance an individual’s perspective on life.

My Favorite Amazon Products

Check out some of my favorite books, products and tools. Most of these items have proved extremely useful for salsa dancing, staying fit, recording and processing content, traveling efficiently, as well as running my business.

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Mpowered Blog

Get an idea of the insights, perspectives, approaches, techniques and tools I use to help elevate the dance journey, optimize fitness routines, improve mindset, refine communication & strengthen relationships. Leave a comment and contribute to the discussion.

YouTube Channel

Inspiring dance videos, motivating Mpowered content, speeches and interviews to guide your mindset, communication and relationships. Subscribe to stay up-to-date and make sure you tune in to the Live Chats where you can ask questions and join lively discussions.

Naked & Counting Podcast

Tune in to the longest running bi-weekly podcast in the Latin dance community. My co-host, Leon, and I talk about issues important to the dance scene, share our perspectives, and occasionally have some entertaining guests. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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