David Blake

Hey Magna , this is David from Latin Beginnings. I just wanted to say it was an honor and a privilege having you here, sharing a plethora of knowledge, and experience with our salsa scene and during our hangout time! You are a Magnificent person, and I find it especially intriguing how you’ve implemented your philanthropist passion, into a practicable application to dance, social communication, and as a way of life! You have the grand fortune of being an incredibly aesthetic person both inward and outward, which has inspired me among countless others to evolve as a person and blossom to the full extent of our potential, while upholding the human value. I wish you the very best in all that you are doing, and have done; may your zealous passion drive you to do exponentially greater things in the future! May God continue to bless you, until we meet again, Peace, and Love

David Blake Co-Founder Latin Beginnings of St. Louis