Marnie Schultz

Howdy Magna!

Again- it was such a pleasure and honor meeting you this past weekend! Thank you so much for taking time to visit St. Louis and put on such a fabulous seminar. I just wish we had more time to talk about many more topics!!

Ok, here are my thoughts about the workshop:

– great introduction of yourself
– very good eye contact you maintained throughout your presentation with all of the students
– very warm and welcoming aura you had with yourself and emitted to your class
– friendly smile throughout the whole night
– good structure of topics and the sequence in which you discussed them. It was very logical and made sense.
– wonderful music (jazz) used to emphasize your points and help the students understand the bars, sentences, paragraphs, etc…
– most important- the use of your hands/movements really helped the students understand the musical sentences/paragraphs you were teaching
– good interaction with the students when asking questions. ***Critical: even though a student didn’t answer the question with the proper answer, you made them and their answers feel valid and important. You didn’t negatively criticize an answer and make anyone feel embarrassed or dejected. You tied their answer into the topic. A very good mentor possesses that quality and skill. I was very impressed!
– it was fun to watch your examples of understanding the introductions of songs and how other people may dance too hard/light during certain moments within the songs. It also was fun and unbelievably knowledgeable to watch your examples of re-routing the energy of a lead. That was stunning to witness and learn.

I can’t tell you how much I sincerely enjoyed listening to you, your beliefs, morals, ethics, and experiences. I haven’t met too many women in my life thus far who have had such a positive and meaningful effect on me. I thank you for that. I truly makes me a better woman, daughter, sister, and dancer.

I wish you all of the success and happiness in the world. Please never stop giving the gift you have to people. It is, and you are, beautiful.

All of my sister love,

Marnie Schultz Student St Louis Seminar