Question: How are solo spins technically different than partnered spins? How do I practice solo spins?

Answer: When spinning with a partner, the obvious difference is the hand-to-hand connection. The hand connection can be used by the follower to assist with the preparation and for additional spins. The hand connection is also used by the leader to indicate the speed of the spins, the number of spins, and that the spin is coming to an end.  Aside from that difference, not much changes; It is still the follower’s responsibility to maintain posture, balance, and control the momentum of the spin.

For practicing solo spins, don’t rush through singles into multiples. Practice single spins until you feel comfortable and solid in your technique. Once you have mastered that, move on to a double spin. Try with pedaling, with feet together, etc. Once you feel comfortable, add on another spin. Like this, you’re always working on developing a solid foundation instead of just learning how to do a triple spin. You want to build your foundation in a way that allows you to execute many different variations of a spin not just one.