Question: I wanted to ask you, what can I do about improving my balance? Sometimes, I am slightly distracted and I don’t know if that also affects my balance.

Answer: Balance has a lot to do with focus.  If you find yourself distracted then I’m certain that your balance will be negatively affected.  One of the hardest things to do when learning something new, especially with dance, is to think about what you have to do and still be present in the moment


  1. First thing I would suggest is, whatever you’re working on, work on it piece by piece.  If you try to focus on too many things your mind loses focus and that will result in your losing your balance as well.
  2. Secondly, allow your body to react naturally if and when you do lose your balance. Our natural reaction when we don’t feel stable is to try and regain stability, not dive head first into the ground.  We get more grounded by spreading our arms out to the side, bending our knees slightly, leaning forward to engage our toes, and tightening our muscles. Instead of giving up on your body and stumbling all over the place when you encounter a small shift in balance, try to find your center again.

Sometimes we don’t realize the psychological effects of giving up when we still had a chance to hold on. If you practice something often enough and keep hitting the floor because you didn’t try to regain control, your body and your mind start to fight your next attempt.  It’s almost as if your mind and body are anticipating falling and getting hurt to the point that they will find ways to avoid making the attempt in the first place. Hopefully, you’re not falling down each time. 🙂 Either way, you want to always make an attempt to regain control. Each trial will end up developing your understanding of your body, your understanding of the proper technique, and proper execution of a movement.

Developing this awareness of your body’s ability to recover goes a long way in preventing you from losing your balance in the first place.