March 4, 2019

Do You Always Say Thank You?

by Magna Gopal

Do you put the same effort at the end of your dance as you do during the dance itself? The same question could be asked of the time you spend with people off the dance floor.

Forgetting about the connection

When it comes to dancing, sure, not all dances or interactions make us happy and make us glow. But when they do, do we take the time to actually show that appreciation beyond just a mumbled “thank you”?  I’ve been guilty of looking for my next dance with so much focus that I finish my existing dance without making eye contact. I say a quick “thanks” and then run off to find someone else.  It doesn’t mean that the dance I just experienced wasn’t engaging and fulfilling in itself.  It’s just that sometimes I forget that the duration of the connection is not just the dance but how we start it and how we end it as well.

Saying “Thank you”

A 5 min dance communicates a lot but so does a 2 second hug. You not only let someone know you enjoyed the dance, but that you also appreciate them as a human being and not just an object for practice.  If a hug isn’t something you feel comfortable with, a handshake or at least a thank you with eye contact will often suffice.

What’s really important?

Remember, knowing a lot of moves is great but how you treat someone and how you make them feel is even more important.  Take the time to ask for a dance politely. When you’re done, take the time to show your appreciation as well.  Even if the encounter was not enjoyable, there’s never a need to be rude or dismissive about it.

What are your thoughts?

  • How do you treat your partner at the end of a dance?
  • Do you finish the dance, discard the partner and move on to the next?
  • Do you take the time to acknowledge the human being who shared those 5 minutes with you?
  • Does it make a difference to you if your partner finishes with a hug or mumbles a “thank you” as they walking away?
  • What are your interactions like with people off the dance floor

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